Research & Development

The Institute has highly qualified faculty members where 35% of them are Doctorate Degree Holders. The rest are Post Graduate Degree holders out of which most of them are pursuing their Ph.D degrees. Over the last one year, the college has produced 5 Ph.Ds from both engineering and science departments.

The faculty has contributed more than 100 research papers and presentations in Indian as well as International journals. Besides, several Research & Development projects sponsored by Department of Science and Technology(DST), University Grants Commission(UGC), All India Council of Technical Education(AICTE) etc are running some of which have been successfully completed. All these accomplishments definitely prove that this institute is a ground for nurturing intellects. The faculty members have contributed to books by reputed publishers, research papers in international journals of repute and international conference proceedings.

The institute has also received grant from the World Bank in the TEQIP-1 Phase for various developmental projects.

This grant has been spent for:

  • Development of Infrastructure.
  • New Laboratory equipments.
  • Maintenance and repair of old laboratory equipments.
  • Funding for research and lectures attended by faculty in foreign universities.
  • Aim towards community development implementation of tribal development plan for students and overall growth.

A detailed list of Research Projects under various departments which are running and some of which have been successfully completed have been listed below:


Name of PI Title Funding Agency Amount Status
Dr. Saikat Maitra,
Professor (CT) & Officer-in-Charge
Studies on the Utilization potential of Sawa Clay Progressive Enterprise & Popular Minerals Pvt. Ltd. 3.5 Lakh Completed

Mr. Ram Chandra Das,
Associate Professor(CT)
Development of Wear Resistant Ceramics Using fly ash AICTE 8.00 Lakh On-Going

Dr. Rituparno Sen,
Associate Professor & HOD(CT)
Development of Jute reinforced cement concrete composites IIT-Kharagpur JMDC 20.00 Lakh Completed

Dr. Kaberi Das,
Assistant Professor in CT
Development of Magnesia refractory aggregate from India Magnesite RPS, AICTE 5.75 Lakh Completed

Dr. Mausumi Maitra,
Associate Prof. HOD(IT)
Development of VLSI Laboratory AICTE (MODROBS) 6.6 Lakh Completed
Development of Image Processing & GIS Laboratory AICTE (MODROBS) 10 Lakh On-Going
Development of Image Processing & Computer Vision Laboratory AICTE (MODROBS) 9 Lakh On-Going
Development of IP Core for implementation of Image Processing Algorithms on FPGA Board UGC-Major Research Project  6.97 Lakh Completed
Final Report of UGC_MRP

Dr. Somdatta Chakravortty,
Assistant Professor in IT
Development of hyper spectral image classification algorithm for tropical mangrove species discrimination in a mixed stand : A DST, Govt. of India 25 Lakh On-Going
Case study of Sunderban biosphere reserve, West Bengal UGC-Minor Research Project 2 Lakh On-Going
Application of Image processing & computer simulation modeling for assessment of carbon sequestration potentiality of sunderban mangroves, West Bengal UGC-Minor Research Project 2 Lakh On-Going
Development of Image Processing & GIS Laboratory
(As Co-PI)
AICTE (MODROBS) 10 Lakh On-Going
Development of Image Processing & Computer Vision Laboratory
(As Co-PI)
AICTE (MODROBS) 9 Lakh On-Going

Dr. Saibal Ray, Associate Professor in Physics Cosmic Acceleration and Dark Energy UGC-Minor Research Project 1.15 Lakh On-Going

Mr. Soumit Chowdhury, Assistant Professor in CSE Study of variable symmetric key based encryption technique having variable lengthy data block size with its application in Steganography UGC-Minor Research Project 0.82 Lakh On-Going