IQAC Recommendation

Minutes of the first meeting of IQAC cell of the Govt. College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, Kolkata held on 22ndJully, 2014 at 2-30p.m. in the College Conference Room.

The Officer-in-Charge of the College being the Chairman of the IQAC cell welcomed all members and requested them to frame an action plan for the next academic session (2014-15) for holistic development of the academic environment of the college.

Recommendation of the IQAC cell for the academic session 2014-15

  • To conduct workshop/ seminar/ symposium by various departments in order to enrich faculties and students alike with the emergent problems of industry and research fields.
  • To encourage faculties to attend seminars, workshops, refresher and orientation courses etc. outside without affecting the teaching-learning process of the College to keep them informed with latest developments in the respective fields.
  • To motivate the faculties to undertake various funded research projectsfrom the UGC / AICTE / DST/ Industry and other funding agencies for financial support.
  • To make use of ICT enabled services in order to enhance the quality of interactive teaching-learning methods.
  • To update the College website regularly with latest information for better awareness among the stakeholders in particular and the public in general.
  • To motivate the faculties to upload various special lessons/ illustrations/notes in e-tutorial of college website for facilitating wide sharing of the learning materials.
  • To digitize the libraryin addition to subscription to significant number of e-books and e-journals.
  • To create facility in the library so that UGC INFLIBNET can be accessed.
  • To undertake various outreach programmes in collaboration with Professional Bodies for the benefit of the society in general.
  • To make provision for uploading  semesterresults in the college website.
  • To take steps to publish a research-journal of the institute and subsequently get ISSN in order to include it in the international database.
  • To encourage motivation for entrepreneurship among the students by organizing programmes in collaboration with various professional bodies.

At the end of the meeting it was decided that the next meeting will be held at the middle of the academic session to review the progress of the implementation of the recommendations.