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Humanities Basic science & Engg.


Faculty Members

Dr. Krishnendu Dutta, Assistant Prof. in Mathematics obtained his B.Sc(H) from St Xaviers College & got M.Sc, & PhD. (Sc.) in Pure Math from Calcutta University. He is the Ex head of the Department of of Mathematics at Future Inst. of Engg & Mgt and also HOD of Dept of Math ,Krishnanagar Govt. College. He has a teaching experience of nine years both Engg. Math and Degree Honours Mathematics course.He has eleven years of research experience & carried out different research projects. His research area includes Set Topology, Fuzzy Topology, Functional analysis etc. He has a good number of National & International publications in his credit. He has recently visited University of Texas, USA to deliver an invited talk on ?Fuzzy Function Space?.


Faculty Members

Dr. Saibal Ray, Associate Professor in Physics had his M.Sc from IIT-KGP & Ph.D. from Jadavpur University. His current research interest is on General Relativity & Stellar Astrophysics, Brane-world model and Galactic Dynamics, Dark Energy theory & Cosmic expansion. He has been teaching classical Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics & Quantum Mechanics. He is having a number of papers published in reputed international journals. He has successfully guided two Ph.D. scholars and has been guiding several other scholars.

Dr. Swarup Ranjan Sahoo, Asst.Prof of Physics did his B Sc.(Hons) from P.K.College & obtained M Sc. & PhD from Jadavpur University. He has been teaching Engineering physics, Material Science & Electromagnetic Field Theory since last ten years. His fields of research work are High Energy Nuclear Physics and Seismic Surveillance by Measurement Radon using solid state Nuclear Track Detector. He has presented several research papers in many national & international conferences.Dr.Sahoo published more than twenty research papers in different esteemed national & international journals.


Faculty Members

Dr. Debdulal Maity, Asst. Prof. of Chemistry obtained his B.Sc.(H) from R.K.Mission Narendrapur & M Sc. in inorganic chemistry from Calcutta University and PhD degree from Calcutta University. He has been teaching Chemistry & Environment Sc. His research interest is in The Synthesis & Chacterterization of different inorganic complexes based on Schiff base Ligands involving oxime moiety of different transition metals. He has a number of published paper in renowned journals.

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Members

Sri. Ashok Majumder is a part-time faculty member who is engaged in teaching Mechanical Engineering based subjects of this college.

Electrical Engineering

 Faculty Members

Dr. (Mrs.) Kabita Das, Asst. Prof. in Electrical Engg. Obtained her B.Sc.(H) from Bethune College & B.Tech & M.Tech from Inst.of Radio Physics & Electronics, Calcutta University and PhD from Jadavpur University. She has been teaching Electrical Engineering, Control System and Circuit Theory. She has done an important work on the Development of Modified & Artificial Neural Network models for precise estimation of the mechanical properties of 18:8 Stainless Steel for her PhD Thesis.


 Faculty Members

Dr. Debdarpan Khan, Reader in Geology, did his B Sc.(Hons), M Sc.( Applied Geology) & Ph.D. from Jadavpur University. He has taught Geology at Durgapur Govt. College from 1999 to 2006. From 2006 to 2013 he was posted as Deputy Director of Public Instruction and Joint Director of Public Instruction at Education Directorate, Govt. of West Bengal. Dr.Khan published several research papers in different esteemed international journals.


 Faculty Members

Mrs. Indrani Nag Chaudhury, Assistant Professor in Economics obtained her B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. and M.Phil. from Calcutta University. She has served Presidency College from 2009 to 2014. Her Research areas are Micro Economics and Econometrics